Thursday, March 22, 2012

Im a Degree Student

Memandangkan dah lama sangat tak buka blog ni, I dah lupa password and have such a hard time trying to open it . Penat perah otak mengingatkan balik password and email address untuk blog I. Haish.

So by the way, I didn't write for quite a long time because I've been busy working as a part time hostess at Pizza San Francisco while waiting for my degree application. But now, at this particular moment where I am writing this post I'm already a degree student of uitm :D I managed to get into law faculty and I am now in part one , which means wayyyyy to go . 

Lepas dah kira-kira semua, I'll be graduating my bachelor in legal studies at the age of 23, then I'll have to take LLB for one year and chambering for 9 months. Yeah yeah I know , it'll be a long journey for me. But this is what I want, what I've been dreaming . I don't care how long it takes as long as I score well . May I score well in all my exams. Amin .

So hey, that's it, wish me luck . xxxx.