Thursday, March 22, 2012

Im a Degree Student

Memandangkan dah lama sangat tak buka blog ni, I dah lupa password and have such a hard time trying to open it . Penat perah otak mengingatkan balik password and email address untuk blog I. Haish.

So by the way, I didn't write for quite a long time because I've been busy working as a part time hostess at Pizza San Francisco while waiting for my degree application. But now, at this particular moment where I am writing this post I'm already a degree student of uitm :D I managed to get into law faculty and I am now in part one , which means wayyyyy to go . 

Lepas dah kira-kira semua, I'll be graduating my bachelor in legal studies at the age of 23, then I'll have to take LLB for one year and chambering for 9 months. Yeah yeah I know , it'll be a long journey for me. But this is what I want, what I've been dreaming . I don't care how long it takes as long as I score well . May I score well in all my exams. Amin .

So hey, that's it, wish me luck . xxxx.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ini semester terakhir

Results dah keluar and I am now officially a fresh graduate of Diploma in Public Administration. I'm so glad that I managed to graduate on time with CGPA 3 pointer. Obviously I'm a little bit dissapointed because I was hoping for more A but nahh its okay atleast I graduated right? But yes Im also dissapointed because my GPA fall compared to last semester. No actually GPA saya tak pernah turun, selalu meningkat but on my last sem it fall, itu yang sedih, dah last sem baru jatuh. Banyak pulak tu but bersyukur lah it is still 3 pointer. So anyway, I was so happy that I passed my Current Affairs, with B- okay bukan C. Hik hik. I used to failed my test one with 0.9% and was forced by the lecturer to sit according to our results and obviously my place was at the very back. Yeah some of them was so arrogant and looked down to those who sat at the back without realising that they managed to sit where they sat because they were cheating on the test. Well I didnt say that I never cheat but atleast you dont have to laughed at other's failure while you yourself used to repeat several times. So anyway, hmm I passed all my paper with not so much of flying colors but no C so thats enough to make me happy. To compare all of my results for those 5 semesters, I would say last sem (part4) was the best one. But anyway, I'm happy its over now. No more Lendu. No more drama, hopefully.

I just applied my degree and my first choice is Law so wish me luck :)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well there is this guy who I met when I was in Part One. Dia botak dan tak handsome (I lied) dan saya tak suka dia. I mean belum perasan pun lagi dia masa tu. Haha. So masa nak dekat habis sem tu, which is almost nak final exam baru lah kitorang kenal and rapat. How we met each other, well let us keep it to ourselves , and okay sebenarnya ramai yang dah tahu macam mana, but still I'm not not gonna tell it here haha.

So anyway sayang, thank you for being with me throughout the years , to stand by me, to be my best est friend, to wipe my tears, to listened to my every little stories, thank you for everything. Of course, banyak jugak benda yang buat kita selalu bergaduh, I mean actually hari-hari pun kita gaduh kan? Haha, but it makes us stronger kan sayang? Hee. Thank you sayang for all these years. We might not be the perfect couple, I might not be the perfect girlfriend and so do you. But who needs perfection when it doesnt exist right? :)

Second semester we were like the happiest couple in the world. Very happy. But then as time goes by, of course we were caught by the comfort. Masuk third semester ada banyak sangat benda yang jadi kan sayang, but I'm glad that I never gave up on you. Never. And now , look what would we be missing if we gave up on each other :)

You don't know sweetheart just how much I love you. I really really do. Sangat. I almost cried no I actually cried when I wave you goodbye masa nak balik tu. Haha. Okay Malacca and Shah Alam memang lah dekat but berapa kali je kita akan jumpa. It'll be different because sebelum ni hari2 kita jumpa. Bila I nak nangis and I need someone to talk I could just drive to your house. And bila I lapar, you akan bawak I pergi makan. I miss you sayang, I really do. This holidays gonna be hard as we're apart. Bukan macam sebelum ni, cuti sekejap then confirm akan jumpa balik. Tapi cuti kali ni tak tentu lagi yang kita akan dapat sama campus for degree. We're not yet sure with our future. But just so you know b, till this particular moment, you're the greatest boyfriend I ever had. Not only a boyfriend to me but you're my best friend. You are. Although when you're the reason for my tears, you would also be the one who would wipe it away. Semua orang pernah buat salah, I never blame you for whatever happened. I know at least the mistakes make us stronger. I don't care if you once cheated on me, if you ever lied to me before, or whatever, because no one's perfect, me neither. At least we learned from the mistakes. Just don't do it again , because you have no idea how much it hurt me. So anyway, thank you sayang for everything. Thank you for being my best friend for 2 years and 1 month and for being an amazing boyfriend for 1 and a half year. I miss you. We've had a lot of rough times in the past, but I'll always love you and no one can ever change that .


For the housemates

They are my fav girls for this semester. Sumpah sayang kat diaorang. They're like sisters to me. Kitorang share semua benda sama2. Walaupun at first tu rasa awkward sebab tak rapat sangat dengan diaorang but then lepas lama2 macam tu kitorang dah jadi rapat sangat. But of course, sedang kan adik beradik pun bergaduh ini kan lagi kitorang . Selalu bergaduh, selalu banyak tak puas hati, but we never took it seriously, at last kitorang akan baik balik, just like siblings, terasa hati tu mesti lah ada, tipu lah kalau cakap tak ada. But well our friendships are much more stronger and meaningful than our ego. Sorry that masa nak balik tu I was cought out with my ego, and we didn't even have a proper goodbye. Tapi I sangat sayang korang, if one of us ada problem we would share it together, beli makanan sama2, tengok movie sama2, masak sama2, bergaduh pun sama2 and boyfriend pun 'share'. Haha. I remember how Farina suka mengada dengan Kimin and bila diaorang keluar I called & she would answer it, eh tak jealous lah okay. Haha. Also I remember how mengada I am nak bawak kereta Diba bila nak pergi beli makanan padahal kereta sendiri ada, and how kerek dia selalu jawab bila I tanya dia soalan, pffts . Haha. I love the way we would make fun of each other tanpa ada terasa ke or whatsoever. Kitorang pun ada group sendiri which is group "blur". Well president dia used to be me but sekarang dah tukar, Azie president and Kimin vice president. Haha. Okay so hmm well I love you girls, I really do. Thank you for one amazing semester. Nanti ingat kita punya plan okay kakak-kakak sayang, kita kena pergi bercuti sama-sama and next sem kita kena pergi melawat Farina. Heee . I really love you girls, and sorry for all the wrong doings . Biasalah adik bongsu kan manja dia lain sikit, mengada pun lain, ego pun lain. Kakak-kakak kena lah mengalah kan? Sorry okay. Hee. Eh suka ti , aku nak jadi adik bongsu jugak. Diba kaklong sebab dia garang, Azie kak ngah sebab dia rajin, Echa num tiga sebab tak tau sebab apa haha, ekin num 4, tika num 5, farina num 6 and I sebagai yang paling cantik dan comel ialah yang bongsu . Okay deal, okay bye sayang korang . Nah lagu untuk korang haha

xoxo, your most beautiful sister,
adlina atikah <3  

This is for the classmates

Hooray for me, its holiday .e

Semester ini adalah semester terakhir untuk saya. So I really hope that I pass all the 6 papers that I took. Well if you ask me, I would say I am both happy and sad that it is over. Im happy because finally after two and a half year, I'll be graduating but of course I'll miss all these amazing people I met throughout the Diploma's year. I'll surely miss them.

Itu semua classmates yang sangattttt saya sayang . Heh tolong lah bangga weyh. Haha . They helped me a lot, especially Adibah, Fyra, Danish, and Azlan. They would listen to me and if takda orang kat rumah sewa Fyra boleh sanggup teman. How sweet kan. Bila dia tidur rumah tak habis2 dengan AXN dia, lepastu movie. Malam-malam kitorang akan acah-acah nak study dekat Mcd, bawak buku macam budak degree banyaknya but end up online . Haha, so as Adibah Helmiah, she would listen to my never-ending-story. Biasalah kalau dah bukak mulut memang dah tak boleh tutup. Dia and Lan (her boyf) selalu terpaksa dengar. Haha. Dah lima sem kitorang jadi groupmates for presentation and they were too kind melayan kemalasan I. Hiu hiu sorry, degree nanti janji kita rajin sikit okay haha. She's the one who would remind me if ada test or quiz since I selalu yes, selalu sangat ponteng class. Adibah and Fyra pun can be consider as my bestfriends masa dekat UiTM ni. Terharu kan? Please terharu? Well I tahu takpayah lah tanya soalan bodoh sebab obviously korang dua sangat merindui I. Well. hahaha. Okay and Danish, walaupun dia annoying, like seriously annoying tapi err , okay aku tak tau nak cakap apa pasal kau lah Danish. Hmm dia baik jugak lah, walaupun dia punya mulut tu kadang2 mintak cili haha. & lastly to the rest of the classmates, just so you guys know, I sayang korang. Tyco kau kena berterima kasih kat aku sebab aku lah yang first sekali start panggil kau abang long sebelum semua ikut. Haih, kau mesti rindu kecomelan adik kau ni kan, I know. Takpe jangan risau kampung I pun kat masjid tanah. Hee and Joe thank you for being our class rep for 5 semesters, sorry selalu susahkan you hiuhiu. Zyno semoga last long dengan Mus macam I dengan Kimin hihi. Mus thanks sebab selalu cakap I cantik. Yassin & Zulfah pun semoga last long lah ek, amik lah Diba dengan Lan sebagai contoh. Tapi kalau nak yang cool, amik I and Kimin sebagai contoh sebab kitorang cool. Ok bye, sayang koranggggg <3

adlina :)